Our Connection to Pace University

Pace University & The SBDC

The Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is hosted by and collaborates frequently with students and faculty from Pace University in an effort to bring knowledge from the classroom to our small business clients and provide unique, experiential learning opportunities on campus.


Bringing Classroom Knowledge To The Local Community

Professors and other faculty at Pace University regularly share their knowledge with the Pace SBDC's small business clients by presenting webinars and other workshops. Experts in their respective fields, Pace's professors give entrepreneurs the skills and know-how essential to building successful small businesses. Furthermore, the Pace SBDC is able to offer all of these trainings at no-cost to participants. Click here to view upcoming webinars and events.

In addition to public trainings, the Pace SBDC has facilitated collaboration between our small business clients and Pace's faculty and students in an effort to give students real-world learning experiences and provide meaningful insights to small business owners in the local community. Whether it be vital insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting a business' customer base or recommendations to drive more sales & enter new markets, Pace students and the knowledge they possess are having a lasting, positive impact on the success of our local economy. Further, by applying their skills to real-world situations, students are building up their resumes and learning how classroom concepts apply to real business situations.

Empowering Student Entrepreneurs

Some of our most creative, hard-working, and successful clients are students and recent graduates from Pace University. The Pace SBDC is here and ready to provide the support, knowledge, and guidance a new entrepreneur needs to get their business up and running. Whether it's building a business plan from scratch, developing a new, innovative marketing campaign, exploring different financing options, or applying for a necessary certification, our Certified Business Advisors work in collaboration with entrepreneurs to turn campus dreams into successful, lasting small businesses.

Do you have a business idea? Contact the Pace SBDC and let's turn that idea into a reality.

Putting Pace Students To Work For Small Businesses

Small businesses need hard-working employees and interns and Pace University is full of dedicated, motivated students. The Pace SBDC has helped many small businesses recruit both interns and employees from Pace's diverse array of student & alumni talent. Businesses who are interested in hiring from the Pace community's talent pool can receive hiring guidance from our business advisors and post jobs to the university's Handshake job board. Students can search for opportunities at small and mid-sized businesses using their Handshake accounts. Many Pace SBDC clients have found talented workers by searching for Pace students and alumni. One of our more recent success stories is Ripple Effect Artists, who recruited eight Pace students as interns.

In addition to recruiting students to work directly for our small business clients, the Pace SBDC has had many interns of its own. The Pace SBDC's interns work alongside our Certified Business Advisors and provide both guidance to small business owners and administrative support to keep our center running smoothly. Click here to read about our intern alumni and how their time spent at the Pace SBDC impacted their overall careers.