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Training Resources
Training new and existing employees is a key step in growing and expanding your small business. Luckily, there are resources available to help NYC's entrepreneurs fund and accomplish these goals.

Training Programs

NYC's Department of Small Business Services offers a Customized Training Grant Program to reimburse 60% of training costs incurred by eligible small businesses. Businesses must train at least 10 employees who are either currently or after training will be working full time, be based in NYC, and must pay for training upfront as the program reimburses participants quarterly.

The New York State Department of Labor has grants available for businesses who wish to train both existing and new employees. Each of their programs have unique eligibility requirements and generally necessitate that businesses have and train more than one employee.

The Construction Site Safety Program offers reimbursement to construction firms for worksite safety training. Businesses cannot have more than 15 employees and must be in NYC.

Businesses in the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, technology, and research industries - as well as non-profits - may be eligible for the Empire State Economic Development Fund which offers financial assistance to programs that facilitate job creation or retention. This includes training programs for full-time employees.


Empire State Development’s Employee Training Incentive Program provides tax credits to science and technology businesses that train employees (50% of eligible training costs, up to $10,000 per employee receiving eligible training) and/or host internships (50% of the stipend paid to an intern, up to $3,000 per intern).

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