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Intelligent Pest Control


Pace SBDC Business Advisor Rawle Brown first met with Annmarie Pristera in March of 2016 when she started Intelligent Pest Control. Annmarie chose to go into the field of pest control in 2012 because it combined two things she loved: science and staying active. She decided to start her own business in 2016 so she could bring her unique passion and continuing education into every aspect of her work. 


Annmarie is certified in all phases of pest control treatment by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and has been field trained by the industry's top entomologists. The SBDC assisted Annmarie with the formation of her business and, over the years, has helped with general business advice and WBE certification, and finally with completing a Capability Statement and marketing her services to New York City agencies.The Pace SBDC connected Annmarie with a representative from the Port Authority of New York, New Jersey’s (PANYNJ) LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment Program, who discussed PANYNJ opportunities and showed Annmarie how to access PANYNJ’s other training programs.


Annmarie strategized with her Pace SBDC Business Advisor Rawle Brown and promoted her services as a reliable sub-contractor. After marketing to TUCS Janitorial Services, Annmarie was able to win a sub-contract to provide pest control services to several of the Port Authority’s buildings in the financial district of Manhattan. Like any entrepreneur, after briefly basking in the glory of winning the contract, Annmarie inquired ‘if PA has any more and bigger contracts for me,’ as she sought to expand her business further.

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