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Celebrating Black History Month: Resources for Black Entrepreneurs

February is Black History Month and the Pace SBDC is celebrating Black entrepreneurs of the past by ensuring today's Black entrepreneurs have the resources they need to build successful small businesses. First among these resources is our center's no-cost, personalized business advising services. If you'd like to meet with a NYS-Certified Business Advisor and discuss your business plan, government contracting opportunities, marketing strategy, financing programs, or another area of business, visit our contact page.

M/WBE Certification for Small Business

Our team of business advisors can help you navigate the application process for Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) certifications from the Federal, New York State and New York City governments as well as the Port Authority. Obtaining MWBE certification not only helps you compete for contracting and subcontracting opportunities, but can also play an important role in a business' marketing materials. If you're interested in obtaining an MWBE or other certification, contact the Pace SBDC to meet with a business advisor.

Brooklyn EXCELerate No- and Low-Interest Loan Program

The Brooklyn EXCELerate Loan Fund is providing "character-based" COVID-recovery loans of up to $100,000 to Brooklyn small businesses at 0%-2% interest with no collateral and very flexible underwriting. The program funds Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) owned small businesses that operate in Brooklyn. Click here to learn more.

Grants For Black Entrepreneurs

At the time of publication, there are three grants on our website's grant page that are specific to Black women entrepreneurs - and lots of other grants too! While the

Pace SBDC doesn't finance or administer any grant

programs of our own, we keep our ears to the ground and share opportunities when we hear of them. Visit our grants page often to view the latest grant funding opportunities we're aware of. If you need help finding grant opportunities or want a second set of eyes on your application, make a free appointment with a business advisor.

Together We Thrive & the Black-Owned Business Directory

The Pace SBDC is proud to be partnered with the Together We Thrive: Black Business Network, whose mission is to help Black business owners sustain and grow their small businesses as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. One of Together We Thrive's unique initiatives is their Black-Owned Business Directory, a listing of NYC, Black-owned, brick and mortar establishments. Interested businesses can list themselves on the map by joining Together We Thrive's cohort of businesses.


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