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Marketing and Sales

With a range of online tools at their disposal, small businesses have the ability to implement a balanced marketing strategy to reach their targeted online customers. With this in mind, the Pace SBDC has launched a Marketing and Sales resource page focusing on best practices in developing and maintaining an effective website and social media presence.

Some of the crucial key points to keep in mind

  • Define your goals and maintain a marketing roadmap adopting a user-focused approach

  • Create timely, engaging and relevant content for your online audience

  • Use the social media channels for your business. Make sure your social media pages are updated

  • Provide an impeccable level of online customer service to set yourself apart from the competition

Contact us to learn more about our one-on-one customized marketing counseling, and how we can help your business create a roadmap related to Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Website Development, all at no cost.

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