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World Social Media Day

June 30th marked World Social Media Day, serving to recognize the important role social media plays in our society and to celebrate the way it has connected us! In celebration of World Social Media Day, Pace SBDC has also gathered tips on how to keep your Facebook and Instagram profiles fresh and make sure your brand aesthetic is understood through your social media presence.

Social Media enables small businesses to engage with their current customers as well as attract new ones. It also helps create brand awareness, so it is important that branding is consistent throughout each platform and the engagement is user friendly. Taking a deep dive into your social media channels by analyzing metrics from each, helps a small business assess which platform is bringing them the most traffic. With this information they can target their marketing campaigns and increase their engagement on relevant platforms.

Contact a Pace SBDC Business Advisor to review your small business’ social media activity and performance, as well as to know about available analytics and management tools that help businesses to monitor their social media presence and to schedule and publish posts across all the profiles.

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