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Hurricane Season Preparation

As hurricane season kicked off on June 1st, the Pace SBDC compiled the below points to help small businesses prepare for future disasters:

1) Take pictures of your business’ existing interior and exterior, as well as any valuable assets and personal property.

2) Scan tax returns, contracts, receipts for asset purchases and other key documents and email yourself a copy and/or keep a copy somewhere other than your place of business.

3) Backup your accounting records frequently.

4) Email yourself a list of key User ID and passwords, have them available electronically and/or somewhere other than your place of business .

5) Check your credit report at to be sure you are not in collections or have late payments.

6) Should disaster strike, immediately take pictures of your business to document the impact.

For further detail check out an excerpt from the NYSBDC network’s disaster recovery planning guide – feel free to contact our office for the full report. Also, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) has an excellent hurricane preparation guidelines link, and provides recovery support through its disaster recovery loan program.

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