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In the late 2000s, after many years of building and managing eateries for others, Volkan Muti wanted to have his own establishment.  As a natural host, he felt that ownership would enhance the services he offered to guests.  He was referred to the Pace Small Business Development Center (SBDC) by a student and childhood friend who told him the free business services provided by the center. The Pace SBDC advisor showed how to put together a loan package and business plan.  However, the first few opportunities to open his own eatery were wither not ideal in some way or the transaction fell through. 


Finally, Volkan got an opportunity to open and things fell into place.  He was able to access a World Trade Center fund with the assistance of Pace SBDC and he was able to negotiate a reasonable lease.   


Wine30 opened up a restaurant and full-service bar in East Midtown and was an immediate success. However, the relationship with Pace continued and over the years, Pace SBDC assisted in finding professional help, became a sounding board for future expansion and also used Volkan as a showcase for visiting SBA executives. To this day, Volkan uses the Pace SBDC and SBDC resources as he shapes the business to the current economic circumstances.  

Pace SBDC is truly a partnership for the entire lifespan of the business!  

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