Quarterly Tax & Licensing Guide for Small Businesses (IN-PERSON)

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Looking to better understand how to prepare quarterly small business taxes and determine licenses for your industry? Pace Small Business Development Center and the NYC Lower Manhattan Business Solutions Center at Shopify NYC, took a deep dive into tax requirements, tools to enhance your accounting systems, and how to use the online license "wizard."

Pace Small Business Development Center, and the NYC Lower Manhattan Business Solutions Center at Shopify NYC hosted a in-person event, where we took a deep dive into:

  • Tax requirements and how to estimate quarterly taxes

  • Tools small business owners can employ to quickly manage taxes

  • Tools to enhance accounting systems•T

  • Financial accounts to review when preparing quarterly taxes

  • Common permits and where to go for support

  • Understand how to use the online license "wizard"

The facilitators included Pace SBDC Business Advisor Rawle Brown and Richard Portilla  Account Manager, NYC Lower Manhattan Biz Solutions Center.​

Market Research to Build & Launch your Small Business

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

For this live webinar, the Pace SBDC has teamed up with the New York SBDC's Research Network to demonstrate how the power of Market Research Data can help build and launch your small business.

Attendees learned more about the range of market research options available to New York SBDC clients through our Research Network, including:

  • Identifying purchasing power and demographics for your business's target area

  • How your business's expenses compare to industry norms

  • Securing a targeted list of business development contacts to land new sales

Webinar presenter, Darrin Conroy, is the New York SBDC's Research Network Director. Webinar facilitator, Andrew Flamm, is the Regional Director at the Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC).​

Non-Disclosure Agreements: When Should You Require an NDA, When Should You Sign an NDA

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

In this webinar hosted by the Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Dr. Jessica A. Magaldi provided an introduction for the small business owner and entrepreneur to problems related to contracts and risk management, including the importance and significance of:

• Risks that an NDA can help mitigate (and risks that an NDA won’t mitigate);
• Understanding key contractual provisions of an NDA;
• How to protect your small business with an NDA; and
• How to protect yourself as an individual who is asked to sign an NDA.

Dr. Magaldi is an Ivan Fox Professor and Scholar of Business Law at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and a legal and business advisor to emerging technology companies.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

Consumer trust and confidence are paramount as the business community navigates through the uncharted waters of a changing marketplace. The consumer experience – in-person or increasingly online – must set you apart and earn justified loyalty. Does your business actively conduct social customer relationship marketing (CRM)?  

The Pace University Small Business Development Center partnered with the Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York (BBB) to examine the impact of customer reviews, your social media strategy, and your obligations as an ethical and proactive business. The session was led by Brian Rauer, BBB's Executive Director & General Counsel. 

Capital Expenditures & Criteria for Evaluating Business Investment

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

A critical decision facing many small business owners is capital expenditures or CAPEX. A business that wants to grow by launching new products or service lines or expanding into a geographical region may have to undertake capital expenditures. The investment usually calls for a substantial upfront outlay of cash, in exchange for uncertain future profits.

This webinar examined several criteria that can be used to make the investment decision, including:

  • Payback period

  • Return on investment

  • Internal rate of return

  • Net present value

The session was hosted by the Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and led by Padma Kadiyala, Professor at Pace's Lubin School of Business. The webinar covered each investment criterion, and compare their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Business Valuation: What is a Business Worth?

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

In this webinar we explained how business valuations work and why owners need to know about valuation even when they are not planning to sell their business. The discussion led by Marcus Braga-Alves, Associate Professor of Finance at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business addressed:

  • Different valuation methods

  • Free cash flows calculations

  • Time value of money

  • Cost of capital and risk management and

  • Financial statements accuracy

3-Part Webinar Series: Integrating Sustainability into your Small Business using the ESG Model

March 30th - June 15th, 2022

Wednesdays, March 30th, April 27th, and June 15th, 2022 at 10:30am-12pm ET

We had a LIVE three-part webinar series, attendees learnt why key stakeholders expect companies to conduct business in a sustainable manner, and how to strategically integrate and communicate their purpose in a transparent way for long-term success. Presenters Steven Mezzio and Richard Kravitz  focused on the intersection of ESG (Environment, Social structure, and Governance process) and Small Businesses, as sustainability considerations are not just for large companies, and helped participants understand and apply ESG factors to evaluate and communicate their small businesses’ sustainability and ethical impact.

Session 1, March 30, 2022, covered:

✓ ESG context, terminology, approaches, and applications

✓ Benefits to integrating ESG into a small business model

✓ Steps to integrate and report ESG impacts and outcomes

Session 2, April 27, 2022, covered:

✓ What an ESG-driven Integrated Purpose is and why it is important.

✓ In-action case studies

✓ Steps to communicate and report ESG impacts and outcomes

Session 3, June 15, 2022, covered:

✓ Stakeholder expectations for communication and reporting of ESG strategies, priorities, impacts, and outcomes

✓ Examples of ESG communication and reporting

✓ Steps to strategically communicating and reporting ESG impacts and outcomes

Crowdfunding for your Small Business

May 5th, 2022

Pace University SBDC hosted a crowndfunding webinar with representatives from crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Wefunder

The webinar catered to how small businesses can raise funds through crowdfunding. Information about the different financing structures of crowdfunding and how crowdfunding can help small enterprises raise much-needed capital while staying connected to and growing their circle of supporters was discussed. 

Representatives from crowdfunding platforms shared best practices for developing a compelling client profile and organization specifics to raise funds on their platforms, such as:
• Amount of funding you can raise
• Financial and other obligations—e.g., repayment of loans (and related terms), equity structure, and delivery of “rewards” to supporters.

Grow with Google x Pace SBDC: Learn the Basics of Google Ads

May 3rd, 2022

Pace University SBDC and Grow with Google Speaker Petia Abdur-Razzaaq and taught attendees how to reach more customers and grow their businesses with Google Ads.

In this session, they spoke about:

  • How to create an account and set up an ad campaign

  • How to write great ads, refine keywords, and include ad extensions

  • How to measure success

As a bonus, ALL ATTENDEES received up to $100 in Google Matching Ad Credit (first-time users only) to immediately market their business with the lessons they learn and apply.

Sales Strategy for Small Business

April 12th, 2022

This webinar was facilated by Pace University Marketing Professor Harvey Markovitz who highlighted the various sales strategies entrepreneurs that can be implemented to land new customers. The session referenced effective techniques for planning and executing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) campaigns, including "learning to cold call the right way," to turn prospective customers into sales. Other topics covered were developing an effective sales pitch by understanding your target customers’ needs and evaluating your lead generation efforts.