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It's Nola

It's Nola is a New York based, women owned organic/vegan snack company that specializes in chewy granola ball snacks with a little sweet and savory delight. Founder Margaret Barrow envisioned a substitute to messy granola bars with the firm's unique vegan granola balls.


Having launched her product and begun distribution, Dr. Barrow was looking for best marketing practices to build awareness of the business' products with prospective clients in the vegan snack industry. The client attended a Social Media Workshop presented by Business Advisor Anish Thakkar of the Pace Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and then began meeting regularly with Anish, who provided strategic marketing recommendations to build the business' social media presence and increase followers. 


With the Pace SBDC's guidance, Margaret and her partners Mariem and Candice, were able to expand, create awareness and increase sales by 60% since starting to work with Anish. Further, the client has expanded their client base to 13 stores while also landing Google as a corporate account and is on tap to launch their product with Whole Foods this January. 

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