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Emily Nemeth's path to launching "Here Studio," her photography studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, illustrates the impact of expert guidance and unwavering commitment. Starting in November 2022, she sought assistance from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Pedro Soto Jr., an advisor at Pace SBDC. Their focus on market research, business planning, and financial projections laid a robust groundwork for her business. Regular meetings with Pedro and in-depth discussions with her legal and financial advisors allowed Emily to refine her strategies effectively. A key achievement from these consultations was identifying a business structure that improved her chances of securing loans, coupled with necessary adjustments to her financial plans. These efforts paid off when the advisor introduced her to Midwestern Bank who fully funded "Here Studio" with a six-figure loan. This tailored guidance, along with the backing of her personal network and the resources provided by the SBDC, equipped Emily to overcome financial obstacles, culminating in the  successful inauguration of Here Studio and creation of two jobs.

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