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We're Helping Small Businesses Get Online

In today's business environment, a good website is just as important as business cards and brochures. Websites can serve as a powerful tool to convert interested folks to real customers or clients. At the Pace SBDC, our certified business advisors are here to help entrepreneurs get their digital footprint on track for success. We work with small businesses to build, refine, and strategize how to best use a website, social media presence, and other digital tools to streamline the sales pipeline and drive revenues. Contact the Pace SBDC to make a no-cost appointment with one of our business advisors and get started.

From LinkedIn to a Homepage

When the company was founded, GROW Strategies was able to attract clients using their existing contacts and a strong LinkedIn presence. But after about a year of business, the company founder, Kevin Keenan, decided it was time to build a dedicated website. Kevin needed something simple, cost-effective, and easy to use so he could stay focused on working with clients. Pace SBDC Business Advisor Joe Peterson worked with Kevin to build a streamlined, one-page website that's easy to modify and has the potential to grow as the company does. After building the initial website, Joe worked to empower Kevin to make ongoing edits to the site, and with its new website, the company is positioned to use technology as a tool for growth.

Repurposing Old Hosting for a New Venture

Anne Flanagan already had a website from a previous venture, but she'd since pivoted to consulting and wanted to use the same web hosting plan and service for the new business. Working with Pace SBDC Business Advisors Susan Gluck and Joe Peterson, Anne's old website content was archived and a new site was created for her new focus. Because her new website is built on a platform she was already familiar with and had already paid for, Anne's business has saved both time and money working with our advisors.

Rebuilding a Playwright's Website

Playwright Barbara Kahn's prior website was dated, using basic HTML coding to run, and requiring the business owner to enlist the help of a web developer anytime she wanted changes made. Working in collaboration, Barbara Kahn and Business Advisor Joe Peterson from the Pace SBDC rebuilt her website on an easy-to-manage development platform that can be updated regularly and contains all the information from the previous site.

A New Website For A New Normal

Lower Manhattan's Southbridge Fitness Center was also unable to edit their website without costly outside assistance. Pace SBDC Business Advisor Joe Peterson worked with the Southbridge Fitness Center team to create a new website built on an easy to use, drag and drop platform.


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