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Lessons from "Financial Statements 101"

CPA, Scott Chichester, was back at it again with another workshop at the Pace SBDC to talk about the different financial statements that are integral to any business operations. Participants had great questions every step of the way to help facilitate an open discussion about how to recognize your company’s strengths and weaknesses as reflected in your company’s income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and how they can help one gauge their businesses’ performance and overall health.

Whether you’re the owner of a successful business operation or simply in the early stages of your startup idea, we here at the Pace SBDC can help you access the one-on-one business counseling, training, and resources you need to achieve your business goals and dreams. Call us at (212) 618-6655 or email us at to learn more, and to schedule an appointment at no cost to meet with one of our business advisors.

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