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Stoolyoga is a Brooklyn-based e-commerce shop that produces sustainable, bamboo products. Founded by Cristiano Imola in 2017, he designed a high quality meditation bench which is nowmanufactured by a small business in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Most recently, Cristiano added a second product, a bamboo cutlery travel set that aims to reduce reliance on plastic utensils. Since the business launch, Stoolyoga has participated in meditation events and conferences around the tristate area to develop brand exposure and generate sales. 


To map out a plan for business expansion Cristiano sought out the help of the Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and met with Pace SBDC Business Advisor, Anish Thakkar to work on a business plan and develop a digital marketing strategy. Since that time the client completed his business plan, launched a fully-operational e-commerce website, and developed an online presence on Facebook and Instagram. Anish also guided the client through launching a social media advertising campaign and how to sell and advertise on Amazon. 


With Anish’s guidance, Cristiano and his partner were able to effectively invest equity into the business to facilitate its growth, as well as create one new job.

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