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Ripple Effect Artists

Ripple Effect Artists is a non-profit theatre group whose performances are used by socially conscious organizations to raise money through a box office share. Founder Jessie Fahay's passion is to address injustice and cause social impact through art, by producing masterful plays and presenting them along with talk-back discussions in partnership with educators and advocacy groups.


Ms. Fahay contacted the Pace SBDC and worked with Business Advisor Greg Callender to address COVID-related operational and financial challenges associated with operating a theatre organization. Working with Pace Career Services, Greg also helped facilitate the placement of eight Pace students as interns with Ripple Effect. The interns have provided marketing support, including an Instagram Live project and various donor outreach initiatives. The results have included new social media followers and increased interest in the company, while simultaneously providing Pace students with valuable experience and potentially career-enhancing opportunities.

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