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Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing is a New York City-based consulting firm that works with companies to create real impact in their local communities through innovative corporate social responsibility initiatives and employee engagement opportunities. Founded in 2021 by Karen Heredia and Michael Braithwaite, the company helps businesses align their bottom line with social good and ensure their employees feel their work is meaningful, personal, and impactful.

Every small business needs a strong business plan. When the founders of Next Big Thing were writing theirs, they turned to Pace SBDC Business Advisors Greg Callendar and Joe Peterson for assistance. Greg and Joe were able to help Next Big Thing's team nail down a niche and position themselves for success. The team also used the NYSBDC Research Network to gain crucial insights into their overall industry, their competitors, and their potential customers. Next Big Thing quickly transformed from a loose idea to a fully realized business plan that included financial projections and was ready to be implemented.

Michael and Karen submitted their business plan to the NYPL's New York StartUP! business plan competition and were selected to be finalists. Using this momentum and positive feedback from the competition, Michael and Karen invested significant equity in the business and created two new jobs for themselves as full-time employees. Next Big Thing has continued to grow and the Pace SBDC is proud to to support them through their upcoming goals, like M/WBE Certification and landing more business clients.

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