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 Vine Box 
Vine Box Wine Store


When Robert Dec, who was born in Poland, moved to New York, he settled in the Polish enclave of Greenpoint in Brooklyn and began a career in the food and beverage industry. After buying a condo in the North Bronx, Robert decided he wanted to try his entrepreneurial skills. On visits to Greenpoint, Robert noticed that the area was becoming more and more gentrified. He also noticed a lack of quality wine stores in the neighborhood. He spoke to an old friend and landlord in the area, who advised him of a perfect location for a wine store. Robert visited the SBA website and learned of the services provided by SBDC. When he met with Business Advisor Rawle Brown, he shared his depth of experience and industry knowledge. With Rawle’s guidance and assistance, Robert completed a business plan, financial projections, and a loan package. Rawle also referred him to legal advisers to assist with lease reviews and licenses. Rawle then sent the completed loan package to Jaihaira Gurrero, Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union (BCFCU)’s Director of Microenterprise Development. Mr. Guerrero visited the location and was impressed with the selected site. Robert invested $60,000 of his own capital and received a $50,000 loan from the BCFCU. He used the money to renovate and open his wine store, the Vine Box, in Greenpoint early in 2012. The Vine Box wine store offers a handpicked selection of well-made and fairly priced wines, many of which were produced from organically, biodynamically and sustainable grown grapes. Robert Dec and his staff share their passion for wine with their customers every day.

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