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Government Procurement
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Target your efforts with no-cost NY SBDC bid-matching service


BidLinx lets you find government contract opportunities by giving you access to a national bid-matching service at no charge.

Finding and monitoring bid opportunities can be a daunting task. Bid-matching services like the SBDC's BidLinx service automate the process and deliver targeted results. You decide the geographic coverage and types of bids you are interested in seeing and responding to – and we will be there to help you.


BidLinx is a web-based government contract “bid-matching” service that monitors more than 3,000 bid source sites daily and emails notices of opportunities tailored to match a firm’s products, services, and capabilities.

How to Get Started?


Talk to a procurement advisor today to help you:

  • Understand contracting regulations and your responsibilities as a government contractor

  • Market to government agencies that buy your products or services

  • Analyze and respond to bid opportunities

  • Understand subcontracting

  • Apply for federal and state certifications

  • Secure bonding if needed

Selling to the government is a sales area that has some different rules, but you can easily learn them and help grow your business. We are here to help.

To sign up to BidLinx, small business owners meet with a Pace SBDC business advisor to define their search criteria.

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