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GOLD Entrepreneur Series- Topaz Smith

November 12, 2020

Topaz Smith was featured discussing her eco-tourism company En-Noble a nuanced concierge service that curates immersive experiences for the socially conscious traveler. En-Noble believes in sustaining local markets through travel and seek ways to access resource-filled communities lacking exposure to the broader tourism market.

This session was moderated by Andrew Flamm, the regional director of the Pace University Small Business Development Center, and an adjunct professor at Pace's Lubin School of Business.​

GOLD Entrepreneur Series- Gina Holzer

October 28, 2020

Andrew Flamm, Regional Director of the Pace University Small Business Development Center, moderated a discussion with Pace University alumna Gina Holzer, founder, and CEO of Wholy Dose. The conversation was held as part of the GOLD Entrepreneur Series presented by Pace Alumni Services. Guided by questions from Mr. Flamm, Ms. Holzer lifted the veil as to how she built Wholy Dose from the ground up and continues to grow the company. Topics discussed included entrepreneurship, networking, marketing, overcoming challenges, understanding customers & the marketplace, and how the COVID-19 pandemic changed almost every aspect of Ms. Holzer’s company. The conversation was followed by a Q&A from real-time event attendees. 

Intellectual Property Rights for Entrepreneurs:

October 20, 2020

Have you developed an innovative product or service, and find yourself hesitant to share it with prospective investors or partners because you don’t want to see your concept stolen or duplicated? We've partnered with the City Bar Justice Center’s Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project to bring you legal professionals who will help you navigate through the intricacies of intellectual property law to better protect your ideas and business concepts.

Accounting Basics Webinar in Spanish

October 14, 2020

As a Small Business Owner, it is critical to have a working understanding of accounting basics to enable you to make critical business decisions based on financial data and performance. Further, entrepreneurs should understand their business’ financial statements, which provide an accurate reflection of the health and profitability of your company. Led by Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Business Advisor Sandra Cely, this workshop will cover the fundamentals of accounting to help attendees be better equipped to handle their business' financials, including:

• Accounting terms and procedures

• Debits and credits

• How to classify accounts and transactions

• Introduction to financial statements (eg. Balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows) and what they measure


Como propietario de una Pequeña Empresa, es fundamental conocer de los Conceptos Básicos de Contabilidad para poder tomar decisiones basadas en la información financiera pasada y que serán reflejadas en el futuro del negocio. Los empresarios deben saber leer y comprender los Estados Financieros ya que estos proporcionan un reflejo preciso del desempeño y la rentabilidad de su empresa en cualquier momento. Dirigido por Sandra Cely, Asesora de Negocios del Centro de Desarrollo de Pequeñas Empresas (SBDC) de la Universidad de Pace, este taller cubrirá los Conceptos Básicos de Contabilidad para ayudar a los asistentes a entender y manejar mejor las finanzas de su negocio, incluyendo:

• Términos y procedimientos contables

• Débitos y créditos

• Cómo clasificar cuentas y transacciones

• Introducción a los Estados Financieros o Balance General o Estado de Resultados o Estado de Flujos de Efectivo

Integrating the Value of Sustainability into a Small Business Model

October 13, 2020

Today, key stakeholders expect companies to conduct business in a Sustainable manner; attentive to the company’s positive and negative impact on the Environment, on the Social structure, and on the Governance process (ESG). Such sustainability considerations are not just for large companies, but business of all sizes in all sectors.


In this webinar hosted by the Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Steven Mezzio, Ph.D., CPA and former Partner with PwC and current Professor of Accounting for Pace University's Lubin School of Business, and Richard Kravitz, Editor in Chief of The CPA Journal will lead the session to achieve the following.

• Help attendees better understand ESG context, terminology, approaches, and applications.

• Present the potential benefits associated with integrating ESG into a small business model, such as a more resilient supply chain, establishing ESG criteria for product/service development and vendor selection, attracting customers, partners and employees, and brand enhancement in the marketplace.

• Discuss the initial steps a small business can take to begin the process of strategically integrating and reporting ESG impacts and outcomes.

Small Business Leases and Evictions: What is legal; what is reasonable?

October 06, 2020

Are you a commercial tenant struggling to make rent? Are you facing eviction? Or a small business entrepreneur seeking to lease a space for their business? Become familiar with your commercial lease, what is permitted and prohibited to be included by law, and your rights under recent executive orders. The Presentation will address, “what happens when I default on rent?”; “can the lease be modified?”; and, “do I have to perform obligations of the lease when the premises are untenable?” 



In this webinar hosted by the Pace University, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), John R. Nolon, Distinguished Professor at Law at the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, and law students Christopher Makowski and Emily Lively will lead the discussion on lease terms, eviction protection, lease defenses, and the protection of recent executive orders.​

Selling Physical Products Online

September 24, 2020

You can sell and buy anything you could imagine from the comfort of your home. Now how do you create an online shopping experience that brings in customers and drives them to make purchases? 


By shifting focus to selling online, not only do you generate new customer leads and sales channels but with a little re-framing, you can tap into your talents to provide value in many different forms. Pace University Adjunct Professor Julie Gauthier will share her experience selling highly-customized handmade goods and demonstrate platforms and approaches to selling physical products in an online store.​

Internal Controls - Detecting Fraud in Your Small Business

September 22, 2020

Did you know that businesses lose on average 5% of their gross revenues to fraud each year? Understanding how to identify and eliminate fraud is essential, as it can be the difference between whether a business remains profitable or not. 

In this webinar hosted by the Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Yigal Rechtman, CPA, and Adjunct Professor at Pace University's Lubin School of Business, will review internal controls to help protect your small business from fraud in the workplace. He will also help attendees understand and assess risks to internal controls, and how to develop soft skills in addressing instances of suspected fraud.

Selling Digital Products Online

September 14, 2020

Do you want to distribute your writing, photos, thoughts, art, comics, tutorials, books, music, software, workbooks, and media far and wide? By shifting focus to selling online, not only do you generate new customer leads and sales channels but with a little re-framing, you can tap into your talents to provide value in many different forms. 


Pace University Adjunct Professor Julie Gauthier will cover online sales techniques to translate the value your products bring to other people into digital content to distribute online, as well as the tools to sell them. 

Selling Services Online

September 10, 2020

What do your friends go to you for advice for? What are the compliments that you receive most often? How can you translate that knowledge, or those innate talents, into an online business? Or how do you translate the service you’ve been providing in-person to an online format? And how do you set up the platform to do that? 


By shifting focus to selling online, not only do you generate new customer leads and sales channels but with a little re-framing, you can tap into your talents to provide value in many different forms. Pace University Adjunct Professor Julie Gauthier will cover online sales techniques and tools, drawing on her experience selling web development tutoring services, distributing digital learning materials, and operating an online custom gift shop. She will also cover a variety of online marketplaces and websites that don’t require any coding so that you can get the ball rolling right away!

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